Characteristics of the Eagle

Mothers are you getting weary with the tide of events, and the trials of life as it relates to your children? Could it be a result of the choices they made, or due to an absent father, or abusive relatives or friends?  Here is some encouragement to you from the word of God, Isa. 41:10.  Fear thou not, for I Am with you, be not dismayed, for I Am your God, I will help you, strengthen you, I will uphold you, with the right hand of My righteousness” It is possible that those you expected to be there for you at the hour of trouble never showed up, however let me remind you that there is One who sticks closer than a brother, His name is Jesus, and there is none like Him. He will always be there for you, when no one else will.  

Before the year gets further let us pause and reflect on our lives as mothers, as we partner with God in ensuring that His purposes for our children come into manifestation.  First as admonished, mostly in the Pauline Epistles, we need to be transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus, more so in our motherhood.  What is this Likeness?  God used  simple and familiar things in His illustrations to describe to us His nature such as: the Vine so that we perceive ourselves as branches, as the Husband so that we look at ourselves as the bride, as a mother so that we see ourselves as His children at His eternal breast.  But one of the most intriguing illustrations is that of the Eagle, (Exo. 19:4).  What can we learn from the Eagle?

Let us take a look at some mysteries that characterize the Eagle`s life.
His Nature:
The eagle is a unique creature and so are we, we are created in that divine image of the Father, regenerated in His Son, no wonder the world cannot understand us, a special people. So the next time inferiority knocks on your door, remember how unique and unpredictable you are.  You need to think of your children as being unique, and should always remind them of this fact- they are not just different, they are unique.
His Habitation:
The eagle, especially the Bald eagle, likes habitats near the open waters, partly because that is where it gets its food, and also because of the serenity that accompanies that atmosphere.  Our motherhood will succeed as we intentionally make our habitat where we also can get food – in the word of God (Col. 3:16).  The eagle also searches for old-growth and mature stands coniferous or hardwood trees for perching, roosting and nesting.  Motherhood is a challenging responsibility; you cannot afford to keep company that does not foster godliness, search for people, and divine friends who encourage God ward gravitation.  The eagle is extremely sensitive to human activity, and stays away from human disturbance, as a mother you must choose fellows who fit in one ship with you, people who are God minded about their children in their character, speech and prayers. The eagles congregate in certain locations during winter, as we mother our children, seasons come when we wonder what is happening to our children, we cry and groan, because they sometimes do things we are not proud of, in such times, go to your own people with whom you will raise one voice unto the Father on their behalf (Acts 4:23).
Welcome to M-PUSH!!  That is what we do here, and it works.
His Battles:
The eagle when faced with a challenge by an enemy, picks the predator on its spicules, soars high, on thermal convention currents where no other bird survives except the eagle, and without fighting, the enemy dies a natural death.  Most of us have lost some battles with/for our children by the words we release from our mouths. The eagle perches on trees with good visibility, open structures and proximity to prey.  Mothers, position yourself in the heights of prayer and worship, where you see the enemy before he spots you and your children. Some of those battles with teachers and doctors reports, will be won faster on your knees than mere talk, (2Chro. 20:17).
His Rearing:
 The eagle builds its nest, large and thick enough to protect the eaglets; one of the strategic aspects of this nest is that it is made with thorns facing outward, those thorns remain like that so long as they are young. When they get to a stage of learning how to fly, the mother turns the direction of the thorns to face inside, the eaglets get disturbed and jumps out, only to find that it is open space, and down they go, this stretches their wings, but before they land on the ground the mother eagle pounces and they land on her wings, she takes them up again and this she does repeatedly until they learn how to soar on their own and she releases them. As mothers, we have to be sensitive to know when our children have attained the age of learning how to fly, let them learn how to clean up, cook, take responsibility not as a duty only but as part of life. Let them know the place of hygiene in godliness; it is for the good of their future. Just like the eaglets, it may not be soothing to them but later in life they will thank you for doing so, and more so, you want to hear God say to you, “well done, good and faithful servant” Amen

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    Love this illustration of the eagle. Was blessed by it . Thank God for MPUSH and the practical messages it sends to mothers.

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