The Cubs did it, so will you!

This has been such an exciting world series- The Cleveland Indians and the Chicago cubs. Finally after 108 years the Cubs were able to break loose from their period of drought. So many fans went to their graves during this season of drought not ever seeing their team going to much less winning a world series. Congratulations Chicago!!


As I reflect on this world- series, I am reminded of the fact that God never forgets about us. It may seem as if it is taking Him a very long time to make His move, but we can be certain that in His own time He will come through. I think about the children of Israel who were in captivity in Egypt they cried out to the Lord for deliverance daily, but it took God 400 years before He sent them a deliverer.


What do you do when it seem as if your prayers are not been heard? Well like the Children of Israel, you keep praying, you keep working and keep trusting. Like the Chicago cubs you keep playing, recruiting, trading and playing some more. The children of Israel, could settle in Egypt, all the original inhabitants had all died, and those who were there at the time only knew a life of slavery and hence could have been comfortable in just settling. I also know that they were taught about what God promised to Abraham and believed and kept praying knowing that God would one day take them to the promise land. The Chicago cubs could have given up, they could have dissolved the team, but they kept going, knowing that they would eventually be victorious.

Here is my advice to you, do not give up on God, whatever He has promised to you and your family it will come to pass. While you wait keep trusting, and keep doing your part and remember that God does things in His own time.


In His Service,


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