History in the Making

Today America poises on the brink of making history in the world.
By the end of the day we will have chosen either a business man or a woman to be the next president of the United States. For some there is a sense of excitement, for some anxiety, some indecision and yet for others confusion about today. However there is still for some of us a sense of relief that this fighting and name-calling, and bitterness is coming to the end- or is it?
I love my country and I do participate in the electoral process, but I do not rely on any political party or person to be the savior of America. I totally rely on God, who can never be outvoted, cast out or however one tries cannot be pushed to the side.
As I vote- my prayer will be “God have your way” My prayer is that God will choose the person he can best use to make a difference in this country. I thank God that unlike men who look at the outward appearance that He looks at the heart. I am grateful that God is never swayed by words but by the heart. I am so grateful that God knows the future and also knows who is best suited to be the “Joshua” for the next phase of our Journey.
Please make sure that you go out and vote as every vote counts and in a very small way you are making a difference and whatever the outcome- I know God will get the Glory.
In His Service,

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