What’s in a name?…. Part 1

Your name is a form of identity.  Your name is one of the things used to register your birth as well as your death.  It is on your various forms of ID’s and important documents and if for any reason your name is changed, there is quite a bit of hassle and proof required to make the necessary changes on all the documents that matter.  Some people prefer to keep their given name especially after they become established because they do not want to cause any confusion with using a new name and people not being able to recognize who they are.

This reminds me of how very important it is when we name our children. I do believe we need to put more thought and research in these names.  I listen to some of the names that parents call their children and I have to wonder what they were thinking.  Most of these names are very difficult to spell and pronounce, which would be ok if they had a meaning. A few of the names do have meanings but the meaning is one that is associated with bad or evil.  When some of these parents are asked they have no idea except that it sounded cute or different.
Every name in the bible was of some significance.  Some of these names were given according to the circumstance surrounding your birth, and some of the names were a prediction of what your destiny was expected to me.  The name Jacob for example meant deceiver a reflection of who he was, then after his encounter with God his name was later changed to Israel, which meant that he wrestled/struggled with God.  After Naomi lost her husband and children in the country of Moab, she no longer wanted to be called Naomi which meant pleasant but instead Mara- which meant bitter as she thought that God had dealt bitterly with her….to be continued.

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