A New Perspective for 2014

Today marks the beginning of a New Year and a time for reflection, reprioritizing replacement and rebuilding.

 Reflection:What were you able to accomplish in 2013? Were they things that you planned? Were they things that brought you closer to your goals? Were these things a part of God’s purpose for your life? Were these accomplishments beneficial to others? Was your family adversely affected? Did you lose or gain some friends along the way? Did these accomplishments make you happier? Did these accomplishments strengthen your relationship with God? Did your faith grow stronger?

 Reprioritizing: Instead of starting the year talking about the many things that you would like to do, take a minute to write down at least five things that are most important for you to do. From your list of five -think of that one thing that you must attend to for 2014. This is the thing that you know without a doubt that God is calling you to do. This is the thing that if you are able to accomplish, it will open doors for the fulfillment of other things in your life. Now that you have gotten it, make that your number one priority. Organize the remaining four according to importance. What were the things or who were the people you took for granted in 2013?  How about changing that attitude for 2014?

 Replacement: What are the things in your life that need replacement for 2014?  Do you need to replace your many hours of watching TV, talking on the phone, or being on the internet with perhaps more time reading and studying the word of God, praying, exercising, or doing community service.

 Rebuilding: Is there a wall that got broken down in 2013 that needs to be repaired for 2014?   Can you think of any area of your life that may need some rebuilding or overhaul for 2014?

 Is it Spiritual, physical or psychological? Can you think of someone else that you may have passed broken down along the way that you could help get rebuilt?

 Rebuilding these broken areas may mean that you need to remain on the Potter’s wheel a little longer and allow the Potter to do His job.  Rebuilding may mean that you need to let go and Let God have his way. Rebuilding may even come after you have reflected, reprioritize and replaced-and find that you now have a new image.

In His Service,

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