Marvellous Monday

For some people Mondays can be very daunting. The weekend is over and the work week starts all over again. You may be thinking “I don’t feel like getting up early, contending with the boss, the co-workers, the mountain of work in the office, the clients, the traffic, packing lunches and getting the children to the bus stop on time. For other people, they welcome Mondays because, they get a chance to leave the house and get a break from the children, the husband and the mountain of work they have at home- after all it’s more restful being at work than being at home.


Here is something I have discovered over the years. Our thoughts will eventually become our reality. The bible teaches that life and death are in the power of the tongue, it also admonishes us to speak life which is the same as to speak what is positive rather than what is negative.
So here is what I have been practicing. I learn to think about and describe my days how I want them to be. My Mondays are “marvelous Mondays” because I marvel at the goodness of God, providing me with a job, when there are so many others who spend countless days looking for one and coming up empty. I marvel at the fact that He gave me a break for two days, when some people work non-stop, I marvel that I have a family around me, hearing their laughter and their squabbles when so many have prayed for children and their wombs remain closed. I marvel because so many people live alone and would love to hear a sound every now and then. I marvel that I have a home to clean when so many are homeless or living in shelters.
It is a marvelous Monday because I have a chance to make a difference at my workplace. It is a marvelous Monday as I am expecting God to once again come through for me in every situation that I may face today. Ways that will cause those around me to “MARVEL” at God’s goodness.


Have yourself a “Marvelous Monday”.


In His Service,




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