A mother’s morning prayer

Before I pack my children’s lunches for school or put the clothes to wash or even before I take a bath or lay out my clothes that I plan to wear to work, Father my desire is to spend a few minutes to just say thank you and sit quietly in your presence as you speak to me.


First I thank you for waking me up and that my mind is functioning well. God I thank you that I am able to move my limbs unaided. I thank you for blessing me with these children that I sometimes take for granted, not recognizing what an awesome gift they are from you.


 My vision is limited to the things that I am able to see but you are Omnipresent. My mind is limited to the amount of things that I Know and understand, but God you are Omniscient.  I realize that my authority and power fluctuates according to where I am and who I am around, but God you are Omnipotent.  So I now commit the remainder of my day in your hand, I commit my children here at home or away into your hand. I commit my job or the job that you are providing for me into your hands.


 I command every anxiety and worry to leave my mind knowing that you are more than capable to keep safely everything that I have committed into your hands. My day is blessed, my children are blessed, my spouse is blessed, and every person that comes into my presence today will be blessed because you are with me everywhere I go.


In His Service,




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