The face of Evil


Over the last couple of years I have seen evil raise its ugly head more and more both nationally as well as internationally. In the last month alone evil seems to be mocking us with a “catch me if you can attitude”



The face of evil was seen in Orlando, Florida; in St Paul, Minnesota; in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; in Dallas Texas and as of yesterday in Nice, France. This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are daily display of evil in many of our cities and states that do not get national attention. The effects are devastating as it impacts so many lives directly and indirectly.


 The bible tells us that in the last days “perilous times” will come – 2Timothy 3:1. However, I don’t want us to stop there, instead I want us to read about something else that will happen in the last days. In Joel 2:28-29 and in Acts 2:17 we see that God will “pour out His Spirit on all Flesh”, our young men will see visions and our old men will dream dreams.


 We can counteract evil with good, let’s pray diligently for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh. Let’s pray for a revival in our hearts, in our homes, our communities, our churches, and at our work places. Let’s genuinely invite God back in our affairs. Do not stop praying when it seems everything has quieted in the news. Do not let down your guard, Satan doesn’t. We must be persistent. If all God’s light and salt in the earth decide to savor and give light- darkness (evil) cannot stand, it cannot comprehend what it sees.  I beseech you to set some time aside daily to pray and keep calling out to God for a change in our land.


In His Service,




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